Tea Party at Helen’s Bay Organic Gardens

Today  £355 was raised, which makes it £565 in total with the online donations.

Thank you all so much for coming, sponsoring, donating and having fun.

Sadly the pictures aren’t that great (Mr Sweet Spud is officially fired as the event photographer) and don’t show the amazing crowd, but everyone who came along made it amazing evening.

Thank you Ray Cunningham for coming down and tell everyone how amazing charity Mind Your Mate & Yourself is. You brought everyone to tears.

Thanks to John at Helen’s Bay Organic Gardens for the amazing tour around the farm – everyone loved it, and more importantly, for letting us play in your beautiful gardens.

Thanks to Azora Health & Wholefoods for the great coffee and comforting teas – much needed when it got a bit colder towards the end of the evening, and for the company.

Thanks to Barbara Faibish /Eat Raw Feel Great for all the amazing food, Jacqueline MonahanCultivate for the amazing fudge and ice

lollies and Trionna Ashton /Paleotritious for the amazing Bonbombs and all of you for the raffle donations and all your help through the afternoon.

Thanks to all rest of the sponsors who couldn’t make it but donated amazing prizes – Roisin CairnsThe Little House of CalmJohnny Hagz / Johnny Hagz HairDearbhla ReynoldsThe Cultured Club, guys at Eatwell FoodsAlicia Breslan/Amberline Preserves, Kelly NeillPanacea Drinks and Paula HeaneySkinny Malinkys Cold-Pressed, Raw Juice.

Thank you Amy NavesStygian Storm Media for the fantastic poster design, you were missed.

And a massive thanks to Chris Tweed who saved us last minute with a powerful generator – we wouldn’t have the coffee without it.

Thanks to all our guests for coming!

Hope I didn’t forget anyone.


Such a small group of wonderful people making a difference.

£565 – this can mean a good few consultations for people who need it.


Enjoy your Sunday

Source Sweet Spud Facebook Page