MYMY Sewing Initiative Offers an Alternative to Plastic Bags

A special sewing initiative, aiming to reduce waste and reuse unwanted fabric has been set up at MYMYs Project 61 shop in Castlewellan.
Volunteers are hoping to create a number of upcycled handmade tote bags which will be sold instead of handing out plastic bags for goods bought at the shop, which sells second-hand clothes and items.
Tracy Blue, shop manager at MYMY’s Project 61, said that the shop is very keen to reduce its use of plastic bags and actively encourage customers to bring their own bags where possible.
“As an alternative, the shop now offers its own branded bags for sale, with all the proceeds going straight back to MYMY” she explained. “Each cloth bag is made from recycled material donated into the shop and all the bags are handmade by volunteers from the sewing team”.
The shop, on Castlewellan’s Main Street, has created a dedicated sewing and printing area in the premises for the sewing initiative and welcomes any fabric which could be donated to make bags.
“MYMY would like to express a special note of thanks to Ann and Angela who have volunteered their time and skill in helping to get his initiative started” added Michaela, Fundraising and Events.
If you would like to volunteer with MYMY’s new sewing and recycling project, you can contact a member of the team at Project 61 on 028 437 78555.
If you would like to donate fabric you can do so during the shop’s opening hours, which are Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm