Local Choir Produces CD in Support of MYMY

Music speaks what words cannot otherwise be expressed.  Soothes the mind and gives it rest. Heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul. (Author Unknown) – A beautiful few words to describe the healing power of Music.
Everytime our community hears of suicide we all hurt.  In 2014 Mona Owens wanted to do something to bring in funds for our local charity known now as MYMY (Mind your Mate & Yourself).  Mona put an advert out to ask for people who love to sing. She wanted to form a choir coming from all sides of community.
Mona said “I named the choir “Mind your Mate Choir” because I wanted those 3 important words to resonate with people and to raise awareness of the great charity MYMY who help so many in the community who feel anxious, depressed, lost and alone.  I strongly believe in the power of music.”
The song practised each week was “Lean on Me”.  In all types of weather the choir got together to practice for the CD.  With love, support, friendship from the community the group are still a choir of enthusiastic members who love to bring joy and happiness to all. The choir are now known as “The Castlewellan Interchurch Choir” and have released their 2nd recording.  This time, the song is specially written by poet and writer Paul Gilmore.  It is called Heaven Heard & Heaven Answered.
The Castlewellan Interchurch Choir hope to have their launch night soon. The CD was produced locally by Hard Rock Studios in Castlewellan. Terry Cowan gave great support to the project.  All the artists were enthusiastic to give their free time because they know the power of music can lift the spirit.
These CD’s can be bought in Project 61, MYMY, 61 Main Street Castlewellan. All proceeds of the CD will go to MYMY.
Michaela Devlin from MYMY said ” We greatly appreciate the amazing effort that the choir have put in over the years and the vital funds that they have raised for MYMY”.