MYMY Launches Free New Videos Aimed at Reducing Stress and Promoting Wellbeing

LOCAL charity MYMY (Mind Your Mate and Yourself) and County Down Rural Community Network is inviting everyone to try out a new free virtual resource aimed at reducing stress whilst promoting positive mental wellbeing.
With funding secured from County Down Rural Community Network under the Warm Well & Connected Programme, MYMY has developed two ‘Awareness Journey’ videos, aimed at reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.
Jill Truesdale, Services Coordinator with MYMY, explains that individuals can access these free videos by typing the following hyperlink into their internet browser –

The Warm, Well and Connected Initiative

Gareth Toner, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator with MYMY, explained that in times f extra anxiety and distress the short videos can provide a gentle, few minutes of much-needed relaxation.
“This is a free resource, allowing individuals to practice a simple, yet innovative, series of exercises that assist the body in releasing muscular patterns of stress and tension in their own homes at a time that suits them,” Gareth added.
“As you will see one video is for sitting and the other is for lying down.
“We very much hope that we cater for everyone through the videos and we especially consider those who are isolated, in care homes and rural locations.”
Paula Nixon, CDRCN, said:
“We are delighted to support MYMY in developing this resource and hope many individuals will benefit from these.
“I would also like to thank Dedkat Media for the video production.
“Warm Well & Connected funding allows CDRCN to engage with local community organisations and charities and help them to deliver programmes and initiatives to alleviate isolation and loneliness caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. “This scheme will continue to allocate funding to a wide range of community projects from now until March 2021.”
Jill explained that MYMY is focused on helping people to raise their self-esteem and their self-awareness, as well as helping them to develop a better understanding of self-care.
“Suicide, depression, relationships, physical health and financial issues have become too common in our society and many people find aspects of their life a challenge,” Jill added.
“We at MYMY offer a safe and friendly space for individuals to work through the issues that are becoming a burden and affecting their everyday lives.
“This support is vitally important to the everyday running of the MYMY House and enables us to provide counselling sessions, support groups, crisis intervention and ongoing training and awareness services.
“If you are thinking of suicide or are worried about someone who might be thinking of suicide, please contact one of these helplines free:
Lifeline: 0808 808 8000; HOPELINEUK: 0800 068 4141; Samaritans: 116 123.”