Here you can access some additional reading material on mental health.

Steps to deal with stress – A simple guide to stressing less and enjoying life more.

The Steps to deal with stress booklet provides tips and practical advice on coping with stress in your life and covers recognizing stress, getting ready, coping better, learning from bad experiences and taking action now. Simple steps such as relaxation exercises and talking to someone can help you feel better and put you in a better frame of mind for dealing with your problems.


Directory of services to help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing

These five directories list the names, numbers and web addresses (where applicable) of organisations that offer services to help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing. Where possible, additional information has also been provided, such as email addresses and contact details within each Health and Social Care Trust area.

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Mental Health

Mind your head: a student guide to mental health

This booklet is full of practical tips and information on managing stress and achieving and maintaining positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. It also contains a comprehensive list of helpful local organisations and websites. The booklet targets first year students at university and further and higher education colleges as the transition from school to further education can be a very stressful time. It’s distributed at universities and colleges during freshers week and is also available on request from student services or the students union at many campuses.


Supporting Families Directory of Services

This directory is aimed at families and includes contact details for local organisations that can offer support, as well as details on parent and toddler groups, school-based groups and information on services for young people. 
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