The Warm, Well and Connected Initiative

The Warm, Well and Connected initiative was set up to help reduce the risk of isolation, improve emotional wellbeing, provide support to take part in physical activity and help eat well.

The initiative is delivered in partnership with local government, 22 Healthy Living Centres and six Rural Support Networks, which together reach 1,500 smaller rural organisations.

MYMY, in association with County Down Rural Community Network, have developed two videos to practice a simple, yet innovative, series of exercises that assist the body in releasing muscular patterns of stress and tension. In times of additional anxiety and distress this uncomplicated, yet highly effective, short video, can provide a gentle few minutes of much needed relaxation.

As you will see one video is for sitting and the other is for lying down. We very much hope that we cater for everyone through the videos and we especially consider those who are isolated, in care homes and rural locations.