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What MYMY Offers

Individual Counselling

A confidential one-to-one counselling service for people experiencing difficult issues and feelings.

Support Groups

Access to a number of low-key support groups for previous clients and people who would benefit from being part of a group.

Alternative Therapy

Access to a selection of alternative therapies such as Reflexology, Food Nutrition and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Drop In Referrals

MYMY provides a safe, friendly space where people can call in for self referral. This could be a useful introduction to the organisation Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 4.30pm – no appointment necessary.

Rental Space

MYMY has a selection of meeting rooms available for hire at reasonable rates.

(tel 028 43727549 for details)

Gamblers Anonymous

MYMY also hosts a Gamblers Anonymous support group. For further information please contact MYMY

on 028 43727549 or email

Further Information

The full range of services offered by MYMY.

counselling service

The MYMY counselling service is a confidential one-to-one service for people experiencing difficult issues and feelings. The MYMY house offers 3 dedicated counselling rooms and a very comfortable crisis room. We offer counselling sessions 4 days per week with evening sessions by appointment available twice a week.

Referrals and process

Anyone can refer to the MYMY Counselling service. Our current client referrals come from a wide range of sources and include mental health organisations, GPs and other outside agencies. People can self-refer, or it may be a member of the family or a friend who makes the initial approach for support. Every request received is logged and passed on to the Counselling Manager who will then contact the potential client, organise an assessment in the first instance and then a series of counselling sessions if that is how the person wishes to proceed.  All information received by MYMY is stored and treated with the utmost confidentially


MYMY currently provides two in-house support groups. Available to clients who have attended MYMY for counselling and still need that little bit of extra support or people who benefit from being part of a social group attend these sessions on a weekly basis. With plans to start a women’s support group in the Autumn is in progress. Men’s, Women’s, GA, Bereavement, Ladies Monthly Book Club as well as a variety of classes, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to the minute details or phone the office.


Men’s Meet

The Wednesday Lunch Group was set up to provide a safe and welcoming space where men could meet for a chat. The group is focused on helping support men who are, living on their own or have struggled to maintain good mental health. It is a very informal self-help group. Connecting with others, offering each other practical help if, and when needed, the group has successfully encouraged the development of new friendships, while also providing the opportunity for individuals to share information and experiences. Men’s Meet Monday’s 10am Base Coffee Shop in Newcastle and Wednesday 9.30am at Life Adventure Centre Castlewellan for cycling. Please phone the office if you need to arrange transportation.


Bereavement Support Group

The bereavement group came into existence when two members of a grieving family sought help after the death of a family member. Since its inception the group has grown with a core group of members attending each week and other people attending when and if they need the group support.
Supporting each other, being able talk about how they feel with others who have a shared experience, particularly at times approaching anniversaries, has benefited the participants of this group enormously. Friendships have been made and even the occasional night out organised. Current members are happy and committed to welcoming anyone on the painful journey of bereavement and the group is open to new members bereaved at any time.


As an organisation MYMY supports the bereavement group, by offering a safe, friendly environment in which to meet, with volunteers available on the night to listen, and offer support if any member of the group wishes to speak privately. There is also a counselling presence available within the house while the meeting is taking place, (MYMY does not have a counsellor present at the meeting) with access to the MYMY counselling service individuals can arrange for individual counselling if they feel this may benefit them . The staff and volunteers at MYMY work hard to enable members of the group to feel supported not only by each other but also by the organisation.

The group operates on Wednesday evening from 7.00pm until 9.00pm. With information on coping skills and organised presentations from appropriate guest speakers also available from time to time.


Gamblers Anonymous

MYMY also hosts a Gamblers Anonymous support group. For further information please contact MYMY on 028 43727549 or email

Or else contact the Gamblers Anonymous email


Ladies Book Club

They meet once a month at MYMY from 8.00pm to 10.00pm.

Contact Siobhan on 078 03050921 or contact the MYMY house 028 43727549


Ladies Group and Men’s Group

We also have a Ladies group and a Men’s group, keep an eye on the Facebook page for updated details or contact the MYMY house on 028 43727549

Alternative Therapies

A selection of alternative therapies such as Reflexology, Food Nutrition and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy are available to MYMY clients if the Counselling Manager believes they would be helpful as part of the client’s overall progress to better mental health and wellbeing. The offer of alternative therapies will be assessed by the Counselling Manager on an individual basis. (MYMY may make a financial contribution towards this treatment as per the MYMY Alternative Therapy policy).

Information and contact details for each of the therapies is also available to our clients if they should wish to attend any of the therapy sessions in a private capacity.



MYMY has a selection of meeting/counselling rooms available for hire. The rooms are currently in regular use by a number of other outside addiction and support agencies who book rooms by appointment to deliver their own outreach and support services.

(Depending on availability) rooms can be rented by the hour from Monday to Thursday with occasional availability on selected evenings.

If you are interested in renting a counselling room at the MYMY house please feel free to contact MYMY on 028 43727549 or email



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