mymy board of directors

The MYMY Board of Directors currently has six members including a chair, secretary and treasurer. Our Board members are volunteers and do not receive payment.

They help decide on our strategy and monitor the performance of MYMY.


Photo Credit: Nikki Elliott

How the Board of Directors helps MyMy

  • Help to decide on strategy and monitor organisational performance
  • Agree the business plan and performance targets each year
  • Approve each year’s budget
  • Monitor compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Oversee a framework of delegation and systems controls


About the Board of Directors

Our Board members come from various backgrounds and utilise their own skills and experience in order to help the organisation run effectively.

Our Board members share the values of MYMY and give their support and time on a voluntarily basis to govern the organisation.

The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis with two months off in the summer. Extra meetings can occur if an event or task needs Board input.

Members are elected at our AGM. 


Paul Walsh (Chairperson) – Head of Learner Welfare with a Further Education College

Deirdre McKibben (Secretary) – BACP accredited Psychotherapist, Qualified in Mindfulness and Somatic Experience

Chris Hutton (Treasurer) – Qualified Accountant

David Heenan – Businessman

Dr Alison Smith – Retired GP

Cathal McMullan – Managing Director