Help support MYMY and your community by offering to Volunteer


Volunteers are a very important part of our organisation and we place great value on the skills, passion, and commitment of our volunteers and the work they do. We recognise how much we at MYMY gain from the time, given freely by the range of dedicated volunteers we work with. Please get in contact if you feel you would like to join our volunteering team or download our volunteer PDF form using the button below.

If you are interested in finding out more about the volunteering opportunities within MYMY please contact us!

Our management committee and trustees are volunteers, as are, our fundraising and support group/committees. We also have volunteers working within the MYMY house carrying out various administrative and support tasks. As our volunteers are an integral part of our organisation we hope that they as individuals will benefit from the volunteering experience. It is our aim that they not only enjoy the work they do but will also enjoy being a key part of the MYMY team.

MYMY views our volunteers as ambassadors for the organisation and actively encourage them to promote awareness of the organisation and the services it provides in a positive and productive manner.