To wholly improve mental health and well-being in our community.

Our Mission

  • Valuing and accepting everyone by providing supportive services and opportunities to build positive mental health and well-being.
Photo credit: Gary Forsythe
Photo credit: Gary Forsythe

Our Core Values

Acceptance: supporting everyone, irrespective of background, belief or circumstance

Kindness: being considerate, helpful and understanding of others and each other

Trust: building relationships based on respect, confidentiality and a safe space for all

Hope: facing adversity, building confidence and taking a positive approach

Inclusivity: providing equal access to opportunities, services and resources

Integrity: being honest, accountable and transparent

Collaboration: involving and working in partnership with others to achieve our vision

Our Strategic Values:

Person centred individuals placed at the centre of our services and treated as a person first.

Evidence based services, support and outcomes will focus on our own evaluations and the best available relevant research

Communication a two-way process with co-operation and understanding between all involved

Engagement the continuous development and improvement in relationships internally and externally

Partnership working with others to achieve shared goals

Accountability and Transparency being responsible for and carrying out actions in an open and clear way

Photo credit: William Calvert
Photo credit: William Calvert


Our Strategic Objectives:

Plan record and evaluate

Build capacity

Connect and engage with the community

Develop and build partnerships 

Build sustainability